The Vieste 200 stands out as a rugged maxi-scooter ready for any adventure. Punching above its weight class, this adventure scooter features a brawny design comfortable both within the urban grid and beyond city limits.

When it comes to the Vieste 200, the "V" stands for "versatility." Whether it's daily commutes, quick errands, or journeys across town, this maxi-scooter is up for the challenge. The Vieste 200 offers the perfect combination of attractive design and great functionality to keep up with any on-the-go lifestyle.

This mid-displacement version within the Vieste lineup puts out a respectable 8.5kW of power and 12N·m of torque.  High-performance dual rear shock absorbers soak up bumps and pesky potholes, while large 240mm front and 215mm rear diameter disc brakes inspire confident and responsive braking during every ride. The long saddle makes it easy to carry a passenger while still leaving ample room to mount a top box to the sturdy rear rack.

Handy Rear Rack

The long saddle makes it easy to carry a passenger and mount a top box atop the sturdy rear rack.

Plush Rear Shocks

High-performance dual rear shock absorbers soak up the bumps and pesky potholes as you ride.

Powerful Disc Brakes

The large-diameter disc brake rotors inspire confident and responsive braking, measuring 240mm at the front and 215mm in the rear.

Upswept Exhaust

The angled exhaust integrates perfectly into the bike’s design, complete with a heat shield and silver detailing.

Light the Path

Optimal visibility comes from the 4 ultra-bright LED projector lamps, accented by LED running lights.

Ultra-wide Display

Two analog gauges are positioned on either side of a large digital display that offers key information such as temperature, battery, fuel and ambient temperature.

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