The all-new TM35 250cc Dirt bike is the newest exciting off-road product from one of the industry's largest and most innovative companies. This all-new 250cc full-size dirt bike is the most powerful bike in the class. The larger frame and the taller seat make this a perfect fit for the big guys in the house. 

There is not another bike in this category that comes close.  

All Aluminum rims and handlebars save weight. 

The TrailMaster dirt bike offers a superior frame design, improved suspension, and the industry's longest 6 months/6,000 miles warranty on the engine and transmission. 

The transmission features a Wet Multi-Plate, Constant-mesh, and 5-speed. 

The suspension features inverted front forks and 245mm of adjustment. 

This all-new TM35 dirt bike brings together design features found on bikes that cost five times as much.   This is a true dirt bike from TM.  Longer frames, a 21-inch front tire, and extended suspensions give the bike more suspension for the ruts and rougher terrain than pit bikes do not handle very well.

This is a full-size dirt bike made for trail riding, off-roading, or just cruising. 

Featuring twin spar frames hexagon lightweight frame and front and rear, and vented 240mm disc brakes.  The mono-shock rear end and dual inverted front forks give these small bikes full suspension.  The welded steel frame and twin-spar motor mounts give this bike a great balance and power-to-weight ratio. Easy-to-access motor mounts allow quick access for maintenance. 

Electric start is a feature that is usually only available in larger much more expensive bikes.  Only the highest quality engine components are used in the air-cooled engine.  

Trailmaster has a proven track record of over two decades of providing outstanding service to all of our customers.  The engineers at Trailamster have been working on these bikes for three years to get them to the market. They are here are they were worth the wait. 

TM60 150cc 19-inch front tire, kick start, 34-inch seat height, LED head Light

TM31 228cc 19-inch front tire Kick Start, 34-inch seat height 

TM33 228cc 21inch front tire, 37-inch seat height, electric start

TM35 250cc, 21-inch front tire, 37-inch seat height, LED headlight, Electric start

TM36 300cc 21-inch front tire, 37-inch seat height, LED Headlight, electric start

TM38 300cc, Japanese Carb, 37-inch seat Height, 6 speed 

CA customers: this item is NOT CARB approved, but you may use on your private land.

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