We’re thrilled to bring you the all new Coolster Lander-XD 125UF. This is a 120cc fully automatic ATV that’s equipped with a single cylinder 4-stroke engine which is ideal for play or work. The Coolster Lander-XD comes fully-loaded with LED headlights and large offroading tires. Whether you’re riding trails at night or pavement during the day, the dependable air-cooled engine will keep you moving. 
Navigating and controlling this ATV off road is simple as well. The clutch is easy to use and the ATV comes with hand and foot brakes, making it easy for young riders to learn and grow while they ride. 
The body is reinforced with a modern frame and durable plastics. The addition of a new front grill helps keep dirt and debris away while giving this 120cc off road ATV a sharp and aggressive look. It’s the perfect option for young riders looking to get into off-roading. The ATV also comes with a rear rack, which can be utilized as extra storage to take things with you when you ride. Whether you’re going on a long-distance trip through the trails or if you are busy on the field hauling equipment and supplies, this is the 120cc ATV for you. The Coolster Lander-XD 125UF is the perfect blend of functionality, performance, and comfort for younger riders to maximize their time riding and enjoyment.. 
The Coolster Lander-XD 125UF comes 85 percent assembled with wheels, steering wheel, rear suspension and racks for you to complete. The whole process will take you less than two hours and you’ll be on the trails before you know it. 
One of the best things about the Coolster Lander is the variety of colors and designs it comes in. We know that when shopping for your kids, everyone has different tastes and that’s why we wanted to make sure the Coolster off road ATV offered plenty of options for kids with different tastes. It comes in black, red, army black, and blue. You’re sure to find exactly what your kid wants in performance and design. 
Safety is a major concern when it comes to kids and ATVs. We always want to make sure to keep our kids safe when they’re riding. That means fitting them with the proper gear but also ensuring they have an ATV that’s the right size for them. This 120cc ATV is intended for riders over the age of 10 and all riders between 10-16 should have adult supervision when they’re riding. It’s crucial that they wear a helmet, eye protection, and any additional gear you think they should have. 

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