When you’re looking to bring a sporty go-kart together with a patriotic vehicle, you look at the 125cc Semi-Automatic (3 Speed + Reverse) Go-Kart. This Go Kart brings everything you’ll want with decals and designs showcasing the best of the best. That being none other than our US Army and Marine Corps. 

In addition to a powerful 125cc engine, you get a CDI with an electric starting system to make ignition simple and fast. The Coolster mini jeep has a semi-automatic clutch and rear wheel drive transmission for blasting through whatever gets in your way. 

The Coolster GK-6125A really pulls out all the stops, as it comes in three different colors. You can choose between your traditional army green, red, or dark green camouflage for rogue missions in the woods.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) adheres to a strict age-group guideline to ensure the utmost safety of riders. Before operation of a vehicle, please check that the user falls within the appropriate age groups as listed below:

A. For all Coolster 110cc ATVs, riders must be 16+

B. For all Coolster 125cc ATVs, riders must be 16+

C. For all other Coolster vehicles, the recommended age for riders should be 16+


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