Why Genuine Scooter??

For more than twenty years, Genuine Scooters has been creating passionate two-wheel scooter enthusiasts in a way no one thought was possible when they launched their business out of an old warehouse in Chicago.

From their humble beginnings then, Genuine has only had one goal in mind:

Bring a better scooter to the United States.

And, they have stayed true to that goal, by partnering with some of the best gas-powered scooter manufacturers in the world (like PGO) who produce the Buddy, Roughhouse, Kick, Hooligan, Urbano, Brio, and GT150 scooters along with many other bikes in our line-up.  

We have tremendous confidence in Genuine products and that's why we sell them at Scooters Plus. All genuine products come with a 2-3 Year Genuine Warranty.

PGO: Buddy

PGO Scooters is a brand of motor scooter manufactured by , a scooter manufacturer founded in Taiwan in 1964. PGO entered into a technical collaboration with Italy's Piaggio (the manufacturer of the Vespa) that lasted from 1972 to 1982; it is also from there that the company gets its name (P iag G i O). PGO Scooters, in the United States, are imported and distributed by Genuine Scooters and its models are known there as the Hooligan, Blur, Buddy, and Roughhouse.

Rough House

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Genuine Scooters Roughhouse Sport 50
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Sold Out.....Coming Soon
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Genuine Scooter Roughhouse 50
from $2,699.00